The ZARNEA Story

ZARNEA is inspired by confidence! We wanted to ensure that every customer feels confident in their anatomy in our designs. With the help of ZARNEA we are creating a movement all over the world by promoting self confidence & motivation on top of providing you with quality merch! Wait until you see how you feel when you’re wearing ZARNEA! Join this community of confident, beautiful, inspiring individuals and become apart of our family by signing the newsletter at the bottom of the page. We can’t wait to connect with you! 



ZARNEA was a result of years immersed in fashion. No matter the outfit, being fearless is the staple piece. We pursued a very minimal yet polished approach and tailored our aesthetic to match our taste. Be Bold, Be You. We create with the intention of encouraging you to be confident. We are a leading online global swimwear & sportswear brand. With more and more collections striking social media, we have no indication of stopping.



We want you to wear ZARNEA and feel as if you can imagine yourself being in the places we've named our designs. When it comes to being unapologetically yourself, it's facing adversity and the opinions of others. We enable change. It first starts within and manifests itself through others.

You are the only person holding yourself back. Be free and break out of your comfort zone with ZARNEA.